Consumer credit simulators: what use?

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You have a project conso and wish to prepare the best its financing. Consumer credit seems like the solution to make your project a reality.

To choose the loan that will match your situation, it is important to compare the different offers offered by the lending institutions. This is where our simulator comes in.

Why use a consumer loan simulator?

Why use a consumer loan simulator?

Consumer credit allows you to borrow between 200 and 75 000 €, for a minimum of 3 months. Depending on your project, you can take out an assigned loan, a personal loan or a revolving loan.

To prepare the financing of your project, it is essential to compare different offers of credits in order to have in mind what the market offers and especially, to find the credit that will meet your needs.

Our consumer credit simulator will give you a clear and optimal overview of the financing of your project. You will have access to the best rates negotiated with our partners, in complete transparency.

To compare with the more accurately different loan offers, you must dwell on:

  • the type of credit proposed: personal, affected or renewable
  • its repayment period : how many deadlines are to be settled?
  • the amount of the monthly payments : is it fixed or variable?
  • the effective annual percentage rate of the loan (APR), which includes all costs related to the subscription of the loan
  • the total cost of the credit : we must provide you with a specific and quantified example in the offer

How to use our consumer credit simulators?

How to use our consumer credit simulators?

Our consumer loan simulators will allow you to see more clearly about the financing of your project, be it the purchase of a car, a motorcycle, the realization of work in your home, or the realization of a personal project.

The first question to ask is that of your budget: you must have an idea of ​​the amount you need to carry out your project.
Second, how long do you want to repay your consumer loan? The classic maximum duration is around 7 years.

Do you have the answer to these questions? You are ready to use our simulators. For that :

  • Tell us your need : auto loan, motorcycle loan, work loan or personal loan.
  • You then only have to indicate the amount of money you want to borrow and the repayment period that suits you.
  • You will get the rates directly negotiated with our partners, from which you can choose the offer that interests you, free of charge and without commitment.

Small details may be required depending on your project:

  • When buying a car or motorcycle: You will also need to specify the make and age of the vehicle you are considering purchasing. Is it new or is it an opportunity?
  • For a work loan: does your project focus exclusively on decoration or do you plan for actual work?
  • In all cases, you must specify the nature of your project, so that we offer the best offers for your situation.

You have been convinced by one of the offers of our partners? To start editing your file, you will need to send a copy of ID, proof of address, and proof of income and expenses.

You will then receive a customized consumer loan offer, valid for 15 days.

To note

A consumer loan simulation has no contractual value. This being said, it represents an essential step in the reflection around the financing of your personal and / or family project.

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